Nurture an Organic Approach to Ranking

Support your local businesses chalk boardYou have already decided that a natural approach to Search Engine Optimization, also known as Organic SEO, is the right direction for your company. It fits with your size, what you do or sell, and your personality. The website is up and running and you have social media accounts started. What’s next?

Think Local

One way to attract a solid audience of long-term customers is to appeal to a local audience. Why should this matter, even if you are capable of and willing to ship goods to distant states or even international clients? Consumers are going local all the time. They have been encouraged, as part of a healthy economy, to give their business to firms within the city limits wherever possible. This makes good sense since those businesses pay taxes to the local council which benefit everyone in town. They buy products locally, helping the commercial district to thrive. Everyone wins when they support local companies wherever and whenever they can.

Also, local search phrasing is often a client’s answer to keywords which yield too many hits. Depending on the nature of a search, there might be too many companies across the country or state offering the same product or service, so how does one pick a single website? People’s minds instantly turn to either a niche item or a smaller geographical area which will yield a far more manageable list of potential firms.
Depending on the nature of that service, sticking with a specific locality might be the only thing that makes sense. The client needs a plumber or electrician to come right away:

• He is moving, so it’s important to find facilities and services near his new location.
• During a search for rehab, a consumer decides he wants to enroll far from home, so he chooses a state and hones in on rehab centers located there.
• Without transportation, a consumer has no choice but to stick close to home whenever he shops for something or goes out seeking entertainment.

Personal Discussion

One of the best things a business can do to win clients over is to be social with them, engaging in conversations over Twitter or Facebook. This is impossible using traditional advertising, but social media connects people. Your enthusiastic and respectful personality wins over the public. They slowly spread the news that, at your shop, people will be treated right. This is reinforced when ratings pages are used by customers. When they say something about a firm on Yelp, good or bad, other readers notice what the response is. Even when someone complains, the result can be good advertising if you see this as a way to show you care about a client’s experience and want to make it right.


Don’t forget your potential network, a big part of the organic process. Ask other companies you respect in the local area and beyond your city to post your website and offer to do the same for them. You must share something in common such as a professional connection (pet food to a veterinarian’s service, for instance) in order that Google won’t dock points. Building a network takes time, but slowly these links pay off.