DIY Site Management – Pros and Cons

SEO graphicAfter reading twenty-five articles about search engine marketing techniques, you think you know it all, or at least know enough to apply those techniques to your own advertising strategy. The keywords seem pretty straightforward. Your kid is a whiz with websites, so why pay someone else to tackle that part when he’ll do it in exchange for movie tickets? As for reputation management, that’s a matter of being good to customers, right? And social media is a natural part of your business life anyway. Should you hire someone to handle SEO? If not, how does a business person approach that task?

Two Ways to Optimize

Here are two paths to consider. One is to simply read what you can find online and apply the process as far as you can. Small firms wishing to stay small also operate on tiny budgets. Hiring an expert seems like overkill when they are making enough money to pay the mortgage and enroll their children in sports clubs. There are a few easy ways to apply SEO tactics without being an expert.

Non-Expert Level

Increase your online presence by regularly updating content on the web. Look for ways to naturally incorporate keywords (the company name and field) into everything from catalogue entries on an e-Commerce site to social media posts. Construct articles giving people advice about handling small problems and urging them to call when problems are bigger (think taxes, plumbing, or car repairs). Build a Blogspot for these articles and link it back to your landing page.

If you don’t have a professional Facebook or Twitter account, start one and invite customers to interact with you. Make this your personal face in the business world. Post images of your work on Instagram with fitting captions. Encourage people to rate you in exchange for discounts and give-aways.

A Little More Expert

A larger firm can justify buying and installing Search Engine Optimization software. There are programs that track backlinks, audit your status, and monitor your reputation online. They recommend steps to take and outline how to take them or provide templates and show you how to use them. Programs like this show where to look for key words and their impact and how to compare your online status to that of the competition.

The Real Experts

For some companies any of the work about SEO is either too much effort or too difficult. Managers do not have the time to learn how they can improve their rankings on Google. Understanding the rules and how not to fall foul of monitoring programs from Google and others is too demanding and intimidating. An entrepreneur knows his business and he also knows when to bring in experts to outsource jobs.

SEO professionals can take this person to the next level and let him get on with doing what he knows best, whether running an assisted-living establishment, supplying industrial machinery, or selling jewelry. Search Engine Optimization can suck up a lot of time if you’re new to it, time better spent with customers or in further training applicable to your industry. Some of the services these consultants might offer include content writing, reputation management, choosing key words, auditing site activity and rankings, and helping businesses run Pay-Per-Click campaigns. At the end of the day, it’s really about your bottom line, and where you’ll get the most return.