The OMG Program Then and Now

It’s all about good SEO practices and giving your clients the absolute best results you can. That’s what OMG Machines is, and in this review, I’ll explain the program’s genesis and how it has grown from an original “One Man Gang” by the name of Greg Morrison to today’s powerhouse think tank that includes the top names in search engine marketing.

Before OMG Machines

Just a few short years ago, this One Man Gang, Greg Morrison was a struggling young guy like many other 20-somethings whose then girlfriend also happened to have a baby on the way. When you meet Greg face-to-face, you instantly see that this particular young guy has something intense going on in his head; you can see that he is driven to succeed. And, succeed he did.

There was no way this guy was going to help bring a baby into the world that he would not be able to take care of. (The primary website for the program talks about this – as you can see in the screenshot here on this page.)OMG screenshot-baby on the way

He took the knowledge of search engine and website marketing that he had been learning over the years, and turned it into his own private goldmine. His earnings, in one forum that this writer was part of, had exceeded one million dollars before that year was up. Actually, if this writer’s memory serves correctly, it took him about 9 months to reach that million dollar mark. Now, we can probably venture a safe guess that was not the net profit, and that he likely had expenses that we couldn’t possibly know about – but to hear about a guy like this pulling down big bucks like that… well, people are bound to notice.

And indeed, they did notice. A couple of the guys who had been watching Greg’s reports and encouragement to other marketing wannabees created a formal platform where Greg could teach what he knew – and get paid for sharing it.

The Creation Of OMG Machines

Smart move. While Greg knows the goldmine of SEO inside and out, the guys who created the formal teaching platform which would come to be known as One Man Gang (OMG) Machines know a boatload about copywriting and marketing the shovels that would be sold to those miners who wanted a piece of that goldmine.

And so it began. From those early days of the program, where a handful of people initially were part of the “Gang” it has grown to include teachers, mentors and coaches from a number of successful online ventures. Some of the coaches are stellar when it comes to finding and retaining local SEO clients. Others are especially brilliant affiliate marketing successes. Others still are fabulously successful selling products on Amazon.

The field has grown to include other famous marketers who have their own programs (or shovels) to sell. So successful is this brand of internet marketing training that even big names like Bob Proctor (one of the lead narrators on the 2006 self-help movie The Secret, by producer Rhonda Byrne) have climbed on board. Bob Proctor has been quoted as saying that OMG Machines is the best SEO training that he has ever seen.

This writer agrees.

Participants pay thousands of dollars for a seat at this elite table. Frankly, this writer has lost track of how much today’s latest incarnation costs – but it’s likely hovering around $5,000 – $7,000 at this point.

And what does the entry fee cover?

The student is given access to methods and strategies to help rank his or her own websites for specific products and services – or to take the strategies and do the same for individual businesses that are looking to improve their own websites’ performances in the search engines, and thereby increasing their own profits.

Companies will – and should – pay for this; the actual amount that they will pay varies widely and depends on a number of factors. One of the many things participants will learn is how to correctly and competitively price their SEO services – something that isn’t always easy to figure out on one’s own.

Conclusion To This Review Of OMG Machines

For those students who don’t have the inclination to work on other companies’ websites, the knowledge they learn as part of the program (via a never-ending schedule of conference/training calls, webinars, videos, live events, etc) is easily transferable to their own private websites.

The bottom line is that OMG Machines is a fabulous training ground for anyone who wants to make the SEO industry his or her career. Consider the cost of admission like college tuition. Unlike high school, where up to a certain point you are forced to attend, joining OMG Machines is a personal choice – like attending college – and that means if you are serious about furthering your education in internet marketing, then pay the tuition, follow the instructors’ teachings, do the homework, and then go out into the virtual world and make it happen.